Janet Carter’s Herbal Midge & Mosquito Repellent 200ml


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Janet Carter’s Herbal Midge & Mosquito Repellent 200ml. A boon for all those working or playing outdoors who are susceptible to biting insects. A fragrant cologne based on the essential oils of herbs from the spear-mint, lavender, citronella and artemesia families, which are repellent to both airborne and crawling biting insects such as midges, mosquitoes, ticks & fleas.

Packed in high-quality plastic pump sprays, it is both ozone friendly and environmentally safe. Janet Carter’s Midge & Mosquito Repellent is perfect for those who are unable to take a chemoprophylaxis or tolerate any chemical repellents, such as infants, pregnant mothers or long-term residents in malaria areas. To prevent yourself from being bitten by airborne biting insects, spray on exposed areas of skin such as the wrists, ankles and hairline before venturing outdoors. To protect yourself from tick bites, spray on your legs and particularly around your sock and trouser line. It can also be used on your pets, particularly to ward off annoying midges, fleas and flies. Mosquitoes find their hosts by homing in on the carbon dioxide, which all animals exhale, and the lactic acid, which we perspire. Once in a roomful of hosts, most mosquitoes prefer those with the highest pheromone count. Citronella oils and artemesia disperse the above aromas, create a bitter taste for most biting insects and confuse their sensory systems. Janet Carter’s Midge & Mosquito Repellent is most suitable at protecting you against Malaria, which is spread by the Anopheles Mosquito, and Yellow Fever, which is spread by the Aedes and Haemagogus Mosquitoes. "


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