Hp Regulator For 1200 Bird Gas Brooder


To be used in conjunction with the large gas brooder (CM945)..

Poultry Base Water Fountain Poltek 10L


Replacement water fountain base only...

Poultry Brooder 600 Birds Poltek


The POLTEKĀ® gas brooder is a rectangular brooder that achieves a temperature of 33 degrees Celsius w..

Poultry Crate Live Bird Space Saver Poltek


The Space Saver Live Bird Crate stacks with the existing crate and boasts an astounding 420 kg top l..

Poultry Drinker Auto Bell Mk7 Poltek


The bell drinker is a non-ballast drinker It has fewer assembly parts and comes standard with ha..

Poultry Drinker Econo Mk4 Poltek


The econo-drinker is a non-ballast drinker and is excellent value for money It has fewer assembl..

Poultry Drip Cup To Fit Partition Poltek


Drip cups catch excess water spilled by the birds keeping floors and cages dry...

Poultry Drip Cup To Fit Reinforced Poltek


Drip cups catch excess water spilled by the birds keeping floors and cages dry Due to the reinfo..

Poultry Feeder Chick Bulk Poltek


Large capacity for feed, making refilling less labour intensive Holds up to 5kg of starter mash ..

Poultry Feeder Hole Oval Poltek


This product was specifically designed to minimise spillage with the oval holes preventing the chick..

Poultry Feeder Tube Poltek


The tube feeder has four support struts with additional curves for extra strength and sturdiness, in..

Poultry Feeder Tube Ribbed Poltek


The ribbed tube feeder has a stepped tube for better feed flow, with an anti-waste lip incorporated ..

Poultry Fount Elevator Poltek


The elevator fits both the 3"" and 4"" water founts It is designed to lift the fount base 32mm o..