Sanitizer & Disinfectant - Rapidly kills Bacteria, Fungi & Viruses - For use on Counters, Tables, Hands - Strong residual properties, works for days - Alcohol Free - All natural, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-hazardous Kills Viruses in under 1 minute - Influenza A including H1N1, HIV-1, Human Coronavirus Kills Mycobacteria in 3 minutes - Mycrobacterium bovis BCG Kills Fungi in 3 minutes - Trichophyton, Mentagrophytes, Candida Albicans Sanitzing in 30 seconds - S. Aureus E. aerogenes The “All-Natural” sanitizing solution.! Results in only 60 seconds of contact time.! Rapidly kills a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi and viruses.! Cleans, deodorizes and sanitizes all in one easy step.! Not affected by the presence of organic material.! Safe on all water-safe surfaces and equipment.! Safe for use on hands! NSF-approved as a General Cleaner (A1) and as a Sanitizer (D1).! A variety of applications, including for food service areas, general cleaning and athletic facilities and hands.! Bio-based, all-natural, biodegradable ingredients and EPA-registered 81857-1

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